Non-Surgical Gum Therapy

Gum disease is not an ailment that simply develops overnight—it slowly progresses, and in numerous instances, patients do not even know of its existence. Left untended-to, gum disease can conjure grave symptoms, not limited to tooth loss. Gum disease can occur even if you are thorough about your oral health regimen; flossing and brushing, underlining the importance of undergoing routine dental check-ups.

Gum Disease Treatment Therapies

Should your visit to our dental office shed light on the presence of gum disease, Northshore Implant Perio Centre will collaborate with you to appropriately devise a course of treatment. Dependant upon the infection’s expanse, more aggressive therapies may be required to bypass the surface of the teeth and focus on the region beneath the gum line. For instance, If there is a considerable accumulation of plaque and bacteria beneath the gum line, Northshore Implant Perio Centre may prescribe medications to be applied to the site of the infection, or further treatments like curettage or root-planning.

Curettage is a procedure that tends to diseased soft tissue, by removing it from around the tooth. Removing the diseased tissue respectively removes the origin of infection and pain, facilitating healing.

Root-planing is another intrusive gum disease remedy that consists of extracting and smoothing microscopic amounts of the tooth’s root surface. Once this is effectively done, you will benefit from a clean, bacteria-free surface that encourages healing of the surrounding soft tissue.

Generally, curettage and root-planning are done simultaneously by our hygienists. Local anesthesia is available for application in order to reduce pain. Upon the completion of the procedures, our hygiene team will suggest optimal at-home maintanance regimen in order to maintain the newly acquired improvements brought upon by your recent treatment. Following your procedure, Northshore Implant Perio Centre will continue to examine the status of gum disease in order to determine whether or not supplementary treatments are needed.

We may suggest surgery for especially intrusive instances of gum disease as it will potentially grant the  prognosis that allows for the gum and bone to fully heal. 

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