Oral Cancer Screening & Biopsy

Oral cancer can be successfully treated if caught at an early stage.  Regular screening by your periodontist at Implant Perio Centre Northshore is very important, particularly if you fall within high risk groups: heavy smoker and/or heavy drinker.
The screening is very straight forward and begins with a visual examination of all soft tissue regions inside the mouth.


  • Top surface of the tongue

  • Lateral border of the tongue

  • Floor of the mouth

  • Tissues of the lower jaw

  • Tissues inside of the cheeks

  • Tissues of upper jaw

  • Hard palate

  • Soft Palate

  • Uvula

  • Tonsils

The soft tissue screening may be followed by a Panoramic x-ray film to view the hard tissues and sinus spaces of the skull.
Finally, Implant Perio Centre in Northshore may use a non-invasive, specialized screening device that emits a particular wavelength of blue light that excites natural fluorescent molecules in the tissues of the mouth. Healthy tissues fluoresce differently than tissues that are disrupted by trauma or disease. The device can aid the periodontist to detect a wide array of abnormalities — often before they are visible to the unassisted eye.
Should anything suspicious be discovered that requires further evaluation, surgical remove, (also called a biopsy) and microscopic examination of the area may be needed.