Periodontal Hygiene & Maintenance

During a periodontal evaluation at Implant Perio Centre Northshore, the dental hygienist will use an instrument called a periodontal probe to evaluate the space between the tooth and the gum tissue. The dental probe is measured in millimetres and will be used to measure pocket depths around each tooth.  This information, along with radiographs, will help in determining the level of health of the gum tissue and substructures that support your teeth.

After your periodontal evaluation, the dentist will work with you to determine treatment options and a maintenance program that will help to control your gum disease.

Your maintenance program is an ongoing program designed to prevent gum disease and the destruction of bone supporting your teeth. Strictly following a program of at-home oral care and regularly scheduled maintenance therapy to remove plaque and tartar from above and below the gumline will give you an excellent chance of keeping your natural teeth.

In the event of a more advanced case, there are non-surgical treatments available that involve cleaning deeper below the gum line, possibly with the assistance of antibacterial/antibiotic therapy. Severe cases will require a consultation with a periodontist to discuss the possible need for surgery to stop, halt or minimize the damage.

 If you have concerns about your gum health, get in touch with Implant Perio Centre Northshore today!