Nobel Guided Implant Surgery - Dental Implants in North Vancouver

Computer Guided Implant placement uses the latest imaging technologies and software to assure accurate placement of dental implants in the jaw. At Implant Perio Centre, in order to better control the late discovery of inadequate bone structures and more accurate placement of the dental implants, a CAT scan of the patient's jawbone is first taken.

The CAT scan is then processed through sophisticated virtual reality software and converted into a three-dimensional, virtual-model of the patient's jaw.

Virtual surgery is then performed on the computer before actually performing any surgical procedure on the patient, simulating implant placement on the computer model. Using another sophisticated piece of software to interpret the 3D computer model and implant positioning information, the information from the virtual surgery is then used to create a custom made drill guide using 3D printer technology.
On the day of surgery, the custom made drill guide is fitted in the mouth, and implant surgery takes place using the guide to precisely align the drills and implants. In some cases, since the implants are inserted precisely into predetermined positions, it may not be necessary to raise gum “flaps” in order to see directly what is being done to the jaw. This means that pain, swelling and bruising are all minimized. 

The NobelGuide system that is used at Implant Perio Centre Northshore (North Vancouver) allows us to replace missing teeth with permanent dental implants more predictably, quickly and comfortably.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our procedures for dental implant surgery in North Vancouver.