Impacted Tooth Exposure Surgery

A tooth that fails to emerge through the gums is known as an impacted tooth. Most often this tooth tends to be an upper canine. Treatment of an impacted tooth is necessary in order to avoid the improper eruption of nearby teeth, the rare formation of a cyst, or a possible infection.
Before any exposure of the impacted canine takes place, most people would have had some orthodontic treatment to prepare a space for that canine. Once that is done, your periodontist from Implant Perio Centre in Northshore will surgically expose the tooth and may bond an orthodontic bracket onto the newly exposed canine.  After a few days, your orthodontist will activate your braces and help guide the tooth to its appropriate space in the arch.
By surgically exposing and then guiding the impacted teeth into alignment, one can achieve a full complement of teeth in the arch, preventing any further imbalance to the bite. The overall results of the subsequent orthodontic treatment also creates a more cosmetic result.
At Implant Perio Centre Northshore, we are happy to work with your dentist or orthodontist to provide you with the best treatment possible.