Frenectomy & Gingivectomy


Gingivectomy is a term which encompasses the removal of gum or gingival tissue. Reasons the tissue may require removal can range from aesthetic purposes to disease control/prevention. There are multiple methods as well for the removal of the tissue. 


The Frena (plural for frenum) are a group of muscle attachments found throughout your body. There are multiple located in your mouth. Occasionally, these muscles will grow and attach in the wrong place. The two most prominent areas this occurs are the labial frenum (located just above your two front teeth) and the lingual frenum (located underneath the tongue). In the case where the labial frenum attachment is too high, it can cause a gap between the two front teeth. Corrected early enough, the gap may close on its own - avoiding the future need for orthodontics. Your lingual frenum can cause more issues if improperly attached. Issues can range from the inability to fully manipulate your tongue even to speech impediments.