Periodontal Microsurgery

With the advancements in optical microscope use in dentistry, optical magnification has allowed microsurgical techniques to become part of the tools of the periodontist.
When surgical invasiveness is kept to such a small and localized area thanks to the ability to visualize at a greater magnification, healing times and post-op pain are also greatly reduced.
The benefits of periodontal microsurgery may include:


  • more predictable therapeutic results

  • less invasive procedures with reduced patient discomfort

  • more rapid healing

  • improved cosmetic results

Microsurgery helps with three key elements of dental surgery:


  • Increased precision and quality of hand movements, allowing for a cleaner and more cosmetic surgical site.

  • Decreased tissue trauma at the surgical site due to the use of smaller and more precise instruments. 

  • By achieving full closure of the tissues at the site, avoiding any gaps and spaces at the edge of the wound, it helps avoid prolonged and potentially painful post-operative pain and swelling as part of the healing process.

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